Premium Anti-Aging Packages

No matter where you are along life’s journey, we can help you look as young as you feel by creating a personalized package to meet your needs.  There is not a single treatment that addresses the aging process of the skin.  Dr. Kittredge can use a combination of the most advanced technologies and products to smooth the skins surface, refine pores, even out the skin tone by eliminating red or brown discoloration, tighten loose skin, relax fine lines and wrinkles due to repeated facial expression and fill in nasolabial folds, marionette lines and enhance thinning lips.  Even better, you can choose if you want a more aggressive treatment program with more immediate results, or a more conservative approach with no significant down time.

For more information and to find a restorative skin care solution to match your needs, select the packages listed to the right and call Dr. Kittredge at (802) 768-1699 to schedule a complementary consultation for a personalized approach.

“I am a 55 year old female and recently found out about Dr. Kittredge and Sterling Aesthetics. I started getting serious about my skin care and the preservation of my facial appearance around the age of 50 when I realized I spent more money on my auto maintenance than on self maintenance, and it showed! When I found out that Sterling Aesthetics offered Fraxel:Restore Laser Treatments, I made an appointment. After consulting with Dr. Kittredge, I decided to have 3 Fraxel:Restore Laser Treatments, my first was in September 2014. After only a month, I could not believe the change!”